The Best Artificial Plants For Your Home

best artificial plants

When it comes to finding the best artificial plants for your home, there are many different varieties to choose from. Interior designers love to look at the tonal arrangements by Hoax and the variety of “orchids” from Oka. Here’s a definitive edit of the best artificial plants on the market, as chosen by Vogue. These plants look like they’ve been rooted in nature. But what makes them so realistic?

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

A faux fiddle leaf fig tree can look just as real as the real thing. These little trees usually come in tiny pots that seem unbalanced with the foliage. But there is a way to hide their undersides, and that’s to position the tree so that the base is hidden. To avoid getting a tree with a naked bottom, place the plant away from sofas and chairs.

Several companies sell faux fiddle leaf fig trees, but only a few are worth investing in. Target offers a variety of artificial plants, including fiddle leaf fig trees. The Project 62 ™ fake tree is three feet tall and features lush green foliage and a gold-toned pot. This tree is surprisingly cheap, though. It costs only $1060. And while you’re at it, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s not only realistic, but also low-maintenance.


Whether you want to enhance your home decor with Monstera or want a real plant in your office, you can buy an artificial version. These plants are made of PE material (polyethylene) and have plastic fabric leaves. They are easy to care for and come packaged in secure containers. Choose an artificial version with a height of 35 cm and a medium or large pot to fit its size. Then, you can easily add water or fertiliser to the soil as needed.

Although artificial, Monstera plants still look and feel like the real thing. Their leaves are large, full, and have vivid hues. These plants are made of the finest materials, so they will look realistic in your home. You don’t have to worry about watering or fertilizing them, either. And while the leaves are not as delicate as the real thing, they are still a cute decorative item. If you are not into caring for live plants, you can opt for Monstera artificial plants instead.

Golden dieffenbachia

For a beautiful, fresh look, consider the golden dieffenbachia artificial plant. Crafted from silk leaves, this plant comes in light green or emerald green. Unlike real plants, golden dieffenbachias are supported by a system of underwires. The silk leaves are delicate and can only be moved by hand, so they will last for several years before needing repotting.

A golden dieffenbachia artificial plant is an elegant way to add greenery to any room. It features oversized silk leaves with variegated colors, making it a stunning ornament. The plant comes with a planter tower that is made of white. The moss that surrounds the golden dieffenbachia will add a subtle layer of color to your decor. These plants are also available in other colors.

For a stunning centerpiece, buy a golden deiffenbachia plant with a large hexagon base. It stands 24 inches tall and features a rich tapestry of colors and patterns. Plant it in a large hexagon pot to add a pop of color and a touch of elegance to a room. You’ll love the unique color and texture of this plant. It will bring life to any room!

Sunm Boutique Eucalyptus

Sunm Boutique sells a wide variety of artificial plants including the miniature Eucalyptus plant. These plants are made from eco-friendly plastic and are completely safe to place near children and pets. The Sunm Eucalyptus plant comes in a white plastic pot. It measures 9.45 inches tall and 3.9 inches wide. If you’d like a larger plant, you can choose a Sunm Boutique Potted Plant.

These plants come in many varieties, but the 36-inch faux branch is especially realistic. It looks like a real eucalyptus branch and has the same realistic coloration and natural tones. The branch also features a buffy brown seed head, reminiscent of the real thing. They look especially good on tables, mantelpieces, and coffee tables. Eucalyptus is a popular choice for garden decorations, but it’s not just for those with tropical climates.