iPEC Coaching Certification

ipec coaching certification

In this article I will discuss iPEC coaching certification, a skill-based training program equivalent to two-years of technical college. The training will give you the skills to be an effective coach, thriving business owner, and influential leader. Upon graduating, you’ll receive an ICF-accredited coaching certification. The training will start your partnership with iPEC, where you will continue to learn and grow as a coach.

ipec coaching certification is a skill-based certification

iPEC coaching certification is a competency-based credential designed to provide you with the necessary tools and training to be an effective executive coach. This certification will teach you how to engage and empower your executive coaching clients. It also includes practical training to develop your skills and business. You will be required to take three intensive trainings, which are called Modules. Each Module lasts for three days. You can attend the trainings physically in your city or virtually from any location.

iPEC’s training program combines a proven energy leadership methodology with coaching skills to produce an experienced coach. Students complete three 3-day virtual sessions every twelve weeks. Unlike many other certification programs, iPEC is not self-paced. The emphasis is on identifying your coaching specialty and learning how to build a client’s trust and confidence. The certification program is also accredited by the International Coach Federation.

It is equivalent to a 2-year associate degree from a technical college

Historically, an associate degree was considered an entry-level degree, and a two-year diploma from a technical college is an acceptable choice for many jobs. However, with the advent of newer and more sophisticated degrees, these programs aren’t as relevant as they once were. Technical degrees such as the Brevet de Technicieur Superieur (BTS) have found new relevance in a wide variety of fields that don’t require extensive academic studies. In addition, there is a great demand for young people who have completed a degree in a field that has fewer requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Nonetheless, while these degrees are becoming increasingly rare in the US, they are still valid for the recipients of these degrees.

Associate degrees typically take two years to complete. They combine general education courses with fundamental coursework. Associate degrees serve as a springboard to a bachelor’s degree, and they can also help you get a foot in the door of your chosen field. Community colleges, online universities, and some four-year colleges offer associate programs. Depending on your interests and the location of your community college, an associate degree may help you get the job you want faster.

It is expensive

The cost of IPEC coaching certification can be prohibitive, but it’s worth the cost for the many benefits you get. First, it’s not only worth the price, it will give you a competitive advantage in your field. This certification is awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which requires that coaches have a Master’s degree or higher. Secondly, IPEC courses are backed by extensive graduate lists. Lastly, they offer an extensive student community.

Finally, IPEC certification costs more than most other coaching programs. The whole course costs about $11,950, and students receive a comprehensive library of resources and coaching tools. IPEC certification programs are ICF-accredited and include coaching simulations, writing assignments, and webinars. They also stress healthy eating and lifestyle habits as an integral part of coaching. However, IPEC is not for everyone. Those with limited financial resources might want to consider the online version.

It requires a year to complete

The IPEC coaching certification takes one year to complete. It is comprised of nine different niches, and students can specialize in one of those areas, or combine the two to become a Certified Master Coach. The iPEC coaching certification program begins by challenging participants’ perspectives, and builds transformational coaching skills, such as helping people identify limiting beliefs and creating choices. The certification program also provides actionable insights into choosing a coaching program.

The iPEC certification program includes 320 hours of training, which is split between three training modules. Students can participate in a combination of live and virtual classes, as well as do homework assignments and online assignments over the course of the year. The entire course costs about $11,450 and requires a year to complete, but students can pay for the program on a monthly basis or take out a tuition loan to help them pay for it.