3 Work Alone Safety Solutions

safety solutions for lone workers

Work alone safety solutions are becoming more important as the number of mobile workers grows and safety procedures are stretched to the limit. BLACKRIDGE has researched the leading products and services for work alone safety and developed the latest features and capabilities for COVID-19 compliant products. Here we’ll look at three solutions that can help protect lone workers. And don’t forget to check out our reviews of the products. Read more at https://buzzytricks.com/tips-for-lone-worker-safety-canada/.


GeoPro offers complete work alone safety solutions, including a two-way communication system, global alert monitoring service, and choice of lone worker safety device. The system can be deployed anywhere and is compatible with a variety of lone worker devices, including Android and iOS mobile devices. The safety solution has an alert button and can be configured to meet specific organizational requirements. It is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of lone workers and comply with duty of care regulations.

The GeoPro Messenger features a rugged two-way satellite text messaging device with built-in GPS and a panic button. It also includes a robust geo-recognition web application that improves emergency response management. The solution was field tested in government and industry sectors and is available worldwide through a global network of partners. Pricing varies by region. The system also features a robust IP67 rating for outdoor and harsh-environment use.


If your organization is considering implementing a lone worker solution, you must first consider your current safety practices. Does your workforce already use handheld satellite devices or Bluetooth wearables? If not, what is the main obstacle preventing your workers from using these systems? Are they too difficult to use? Do they not fit your roles? If so, what should you do to change that? Below are some tips on how you can make sure your lone worker solution meets your company’s needs and your workforce’s safety requirements.

Reliability: One of the most critical features of lone worker safety solutions is their dependability. They should be resistant to harsh conditions and extreme temperatures, and should not break easily. If they cannot withstand these conditions, you may be leaving your team vulnerable to danger. Therefore, a reliable solution should be able to stand up to frequent disinfection and sanitation. By implementing these safety solutions, you can ensure that your workforce remains safe.


While many companies rely on a traditional lone worker tracking system, there are many benefits to an RFID-based system. These solutions can help businesses reduce the costs of operating a lone worker monitoring system while providing a safe workplace for lone workers. GuardRFID’s intuitive dashboard allows managers to track and locate lone workers while also integrating seamlessly with existing safety systems. And with a simple, affordable system, businesses can protect their workforce from harm without investing in costly training or additional systems.

Innovative solutions that utilize increasingly powerful technology can increase worker safety by eliminating the need for human operator confirmation. These solutions utilize smartphones to allow workers to check in with an automated control center at predefined intervals. By eliminating the need for human intervention, these solutions can significantly increase the chances of workers following safety programs. The system works by monitoring the location of workers via their smartphones and automatically alerting human supervisors only when they need assistance or are in danger.


If you have employees that are lone and isolated, consider using a mobile worker safety solution like SafetyLine. This mobile safety app provides a direct line of communication between workers and emergency responders, 24 hours a day. SafetyLine’s LoneWorker service allows workers to send text messages and voice messages while on the go, and it integrates with existing monitoring devices, including Globalstar SPOTs, Garmin inReach satellite devices, and regular telephones.

Lone workers are increasingly mobile, and safety procedures are often stretched to the limits. BLACKRIDGE has partnered with leading companies to find the most advanced work alone safety solutions available. With new features like COVID-19, these systems can help employers meet their legal requirements while reducing the costs of using them. Unlike outdated lone worker safety solutions, these products provide comprehensive protection for lone workers and their families.

Check-in system

An effective check-in system for lone workers is essential for ensuring the safety of your workforce. Using an employee phone to make the check-in is time-consuming and often fraught with error. Even worse, these phone calls also drag down productivity, which is why a check-in system is necessary for lone workers. A good check-in system will allow the lone worker to select which contacts to include, and the check-in interval itself can be adjusted as necessary.

Regardless of industry or location, check-in systems are a critical part of lone worker safety. The lone worker monitoring system should include regular check-ins, which should be scheduled at regular intervals. A missed check-in will alert a monitor to the lone worker’s location. Some lone worker check-in systems also have mobile apps that make it easy to manage these check-ins.

Remote monitoring

Today, safety solutions for lone workers can range from smartbands to smartphones. Smartbands can activate SOS signals quickly and discreetly, while smartphones can send SOS messages. The most important component of lone worker safety solutions is the smartphone app. Whether a lone worker is working alone or is paired with a pendant, a smartphone app can allow them to check in with a Control Center and send a request for help. Another key feature of lone worker safety solutions is their ability to switch between cellular and satellite connectivity.

Whether your lone workers are at home or working outside, remote monitoring for safety solutions will give you peace of mind. The best lone worker safety solutions will use advanced technology to detect motionless employees and automatically generate an audible alert. The best-in-class automated devices also detect slips and trips. When the employee falls down or slips, the device will automatically alert live safety monitoring personnel, who will respond quickly to deploy potentially life-saving assistance.